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BytLogic is a creative application development agency that helps innovative brands and businesses engage with their customers across multiple digital platforms. We utilize a user centric design philosophy combined with inventive uses of leading edge technology to develop web and mobile applications that connect with users on a visceral level. Since our humble beginnings in 2008 we’ve been driven by our mission to design and build intuitive experiences that people love.

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Pure Agile

We constantly ask “What can we do better?” on all our projects in order to continually improve. Our practices focus on giving each expert on a team ownership of their work, thereby ensuring each component of the project is delivered with exceeded expectations.


Pixel Perfect

We pride ourselves in ensuring that every pixel in the design in line with the experience we are aiming for the user. In today’s age of visual media, whether its on a mobile device, computer, or printed paper – design drives the experience, and we’re here to make sure you get the best.


Quality Deliverables

We ensure every deliverable is reviewed and tested multiple times in the frontend and backend. In the front we ensure the User Experience is seamless and the deliverable “feels” good. Behind the scenes, every line of code is reviewed by our most senior developers to ensure quality is maintained, end-to-end.


Expert Team

Our team consists of developers, meticulous designers, energetic leaders – all professionals in their field. We value education and experience, but more importantly we value passion and energy. Every team member loves their job, and sometimes need to be convinced that sleep is required.

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Hani Jessa
President / Founder

Founding Principles

BytLogic was founded with the goal to build quality software while applying the most efficient coding and management practices in the industry. With a strong background in software, a degree in Computer Science and multiple industry leading management certifications, Hani personally ensures the founding principles are reflected in all work produced by the team.

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